How He Lied To Her Husband is a small, polished gem of a play that shows Shaw at his full-throated best. When hard evidence of her scandalous affair comes to light, a fading society woman stands alone between her husband's rage and her lover's passion. In a world where appearances are everything, what is revealed when their masks are removed?    


The Proposal is a hilarious farce that pokes fun at the human capacity for self-deception. In search of a free nursemaid, hypochondriac Lomov tries to propose marriage to lonely, bored Natalya, much to the delight of her father who can't wait for her to move out. Champagne and curses flow freely as old grievances threaten to end the marriage before it begins. 

Cast of 3 actors.

Max garden audience - 97.

Running Time: 60mins with a 5 minute break.

Price: $250.00

Suitable for ages 12+ (mildly adult themes). 


Available from July 25th